3,000 Brews!

It's quite humbling to realise that over 15 million pints have come out of our micro-brewery in Porthmadog since we opened our doors in 2005.

Bragdy Mŵs Piws / Purple Moose Brewery started off as a home-brewing passion project by our founder Lawrence Washington, a project which quickly evolved in to the operation that we are today. Last week we reached a milestone, our 3,000th brew!

15 million pints is quite something to imagine, if we we're to bottle all that beer and stack those bottles on top of each other, that stack of Purple Moose beer bottles would be 3,860x taller than Yr Wyddfa or 450x as tall as Mount Everest!

Purple Moose Brewery 3,000th Brew

As it's not everyday we get to brew our 3,000th brew we wanted to do something special and set ourselves a challenge. Find out more about the challenge of our 3,000th brew in our behind the scenes video below:

Previous Brewing Milestones:

Our 1st brew: №1 - 14/06/05

Our 1,000th brew: Milestone - 09/05/11

Our 2,000th brew: Glaslyn Ale - 10/09/15

When the brewery opened in June 2005 we had a ‘10-Barrel’ brewhouse, giving a weekly capacity of up to 16,000 pints, which often meant that we had to brew twice in a day. In 2013 we upgraded to a ‘40-Barrel’ brewhouse which increased our weekly capacity to 57,000 pints.

As we mentioned in the video, we would never have gotten from our first brew in 2005 to our 3,000th brew last week without the support of our awesome customers. So if you are a publican that's had Purple Moose beers flowing through your taps, a customer that orders from us online to enjoy a pint at home, or you've seen a pint of Purple Moose on tap down your local and decided to enjoy a pint, to all of you, we thank you for helping us get here. 

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