Low Gravity (case 12 x 330ml bottles)

Low Gravity (case 12 x 330ml bottles)


 Case of 12x 330ml bottles of Low Gravity (New British Hop IPA)

Best enjoyed chilled for an out of this world experience. 

Our 3,000th brew!

We all know by now that you need USA hops and a high ABV to craft an IPA that treats the tastebuds, right?

Well, thanks to Charles Faram's Hop Development Program, many years of breeding and research has led to new British hop varieties that rival New World hops with exciting flavours and aromas.

For our 3000th Brew we've used the experimental new British hops CF-273 and CF-161 to produce a flavourful, low-strength, NBH-IPA that jets your tastebuds to another cosmos!

Expect enticing aromas of lemon, lime and grapefruit leading to a full, zesty mouthfeel with a lingering piney, bitter finish

 Alc. 2.0% Vol. (Contains Barley & Wheat)

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