Spirit of the Moose - Hop-Infused Beer Spirit

Spirit of the Moose - Hop-Infused Beer Spirit


Ysbryd y Mŵs / Spirit of the Moose is a new creation from Purple Moose Brewery, produced in collaboration with The Beer Barrel Distillery Company. These innovative distillers have taken our fabulous, hoppy Antlered IPA and turned it into a unique tasting beer spirit. It has even been infused with a small quantity of the hops used in this beer along the way, to help impart that great, distinctive hop character in the finished spirit.

The taste is close to a whisky, without actually being a whisky, but you will be blown away by the superb hop aromas and characteristics on the nose. We call it a hop-infused beer spirit. Something to test your senses and warm the soul!

This is our fourth batch of Ysbryd y Mŵs / Spirit of the Moose with only a limited amount available. Each bottle is labelled with the batch and bottle number.

Available in 35cl & 70cl, 41% ABV. 

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