Y Garn - Premium Welsh Amber (440ml cans)

Y Garn - Premium Welsh Amber (440ml cans)


440ml cans of Y Garn (glass not included)

Y Garn is the second instalment of our Welsh Coast to Summit Series (the 2nd of 4 limited edition monthly brews). Named after the Welsh mountain that offers one of the best views of the iconic Dyffryn Ogwen (Ogwen Valley)
At the base experience a gentle, balance bitterness from the First Gold hops, elevating to earthy & woody notes from the Fuggles hops, before summiting to the tropical burst provided by Mosaic.
Expect a full-bodied character with rich caramel-like sweetness delivered from the complex symphony of malts 

4.1% ABV.

(Contains Barley & Wheat)

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