A Beer 2 Years in the Making

Meet Navigator

Following the popularity of our first canned beer, High Hops, Lawrence our MD saw it as the perfect time to brew a beer style he had been longing for over 2 years, since he visited the Yosemite National Park in the USA.

Navigator is a 7.0% Red IPA that delivers a balance between sweetness and bitterness that will send your taste buds on a voyage.

Expect a Caramel, Citrus & Pine aroma, along with a Toffee, Piney Hops taste owing to the heaps of Columbus hops.

What's a Red IPA?

By now I'm sure you're all already aware of what an IPA is, aside from being the fastest growing beer style, an IPA is an India Pale Ale. 

The IPA style has been around for over 200 years, with an opaque history shrouded by myth. Fast forward to present day, and at its root an IPA is a pale ale with heaps of hops leading to a powerful punch of flavour.

Within the realms of IPAs exist a plethora of sub-styles, from the traditional English-style IPA, to an ever growing list of American IPA styles. The Red IPA is one of the latest sub-styles to emerge from the colossal American IPA scene.

Just like an American IPA, you can expect a Red IPA to deliver on the hop profile from the New World hops. Producing floral, citrus and pine flavours. Where a Red IPA differs to the American IPA is by having a slightly higher malt profile. This provides a level of sweetness, delivering notes such as caramel and toffee.

It's also in the higher malt profile that a Red IPA can go wrong. The aim is to deliver a wonderful ebb and flow between the bitterness from the New World hops and sweetness from the malt, at no point should they clash. It's this element that makes the alchemy of brewing a Red IPA a fine art in itself.

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