Mŵsh - Best in Wales!

Mŵsh has been awarded Gold out of all the fantastic Premium Lagers & Pilsners at this year’s SIBA Wales & West Bottled and Canned Beer Competition 🥳

Lagers are traditionally brewed using bottom fermenting yeasts at cooler temperatures, however our method for brewing Mŵsh is more akin to the Kölsch style of brewing from Cologne, where we use top fermenting ale yeast instead of lager yeast (the same ale yeast which we’ve been cultivating since we first began brewing in 2005).

This method, along with the German Hersbrucker and Blanc hops, lager malt, and fresh water from the hills of Eryri (Snowdonia), results in a crisp, sweet and refreshing beer that will soon see you throwing out the mass produced export lagers and appreciating the carefully crafted beers that the many small independent breweries across the country are producing.

Have you experienced the refreshing wonders of Mŵsh yet?

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