Craft Range

Our craft beer is available in kegs and bottles. They are available all year round.

Kegs are available in 30 litre & 50 litre volumes. All our kegs are ‘Sankey’ fitting. Bottles are produced in cases of 12 x 330ml.

Development of the Range

In 2016 we felt it was time to venture into the rapidly expanding ‘craft keg’ sector of the UK beer market. We specifically developed this as a sub-brand of Purple Moose Brewery in order that these beers can be differentiated from our core range.

In late 2016 Antlered IPA was the first of this new range to be produced, closely followed by Chocolate Moose. In spring 2017 a third beer, Mwsh, was introduced. This is a Kölsch style lager following the German regional beer style of Köln.

As Antlered IPA is our first proper India Pale Ale, the aim was to produce something akin to the origins of this now infamous, and much developed beer style. So we’ve gone for an ABV of 5.2% and given it plenty of hop character, while maintaining a good balance with the malt.

Chocolate Moose is a chance for us to have a bit of fun at the brewery. Take a stout and turn it into a dessert beer by adding chocolate and vanilla into the mix. The result is truly scrumptious!

For a long time we’ve been asked to make a lager. Mwsh is our answer! The Kölsch style of beer uses a top-fermenting yeast, unlike the majority of beers in mainland Europe. This means we can use the same yeast as the rest of our range. With a few tweaks to the process and extended conditioning the result is a refreshing lager packed full of flavour.

Chocolate Moose

A beer? A dessert? A dessert beer? Moose meets chocolate! Purple Moose Brewery brings you the sumptuous Chocolate Moose - a smooth, rich stout with lingering chocolate and vanilla flavours, followed up with a nicely balanced subtle bitterness.


Mwsh is Purple Moose’s take on a classic German beer style - Kölsch. We’ve used German Hersbrucker and Blanc hops, and lager malt, to bring you that authentic crisp and refreshing Kölsch taste with our own twist of an antler. As smooth as a moose’s midriff, this delectable drop will have you coming back for more.

Antlered IPA

An amber coloured, moreish IPA. The use of Mosaic (US) and Waimea (NZ) hops brings a pronounced hop character of tangerine and citrus aromas, followed by a lasting bitterness with hints of pine, balanced perfectly on a slightly sweet, malty body.