Edlerflower - Polly's Collaboration Pale Ale

Edlerflower - Polly's Collaboration Pale Ale


1x 440ml can of Elderflower - Collaboration Pale Ale - 5.8% ABV.

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A word from Polly's: We were absolutely honoured when North Walian stalwarts and one of the OG breweries to traverse the line between trad and craft, Purple Moose gave us a call earlier in the year asking if we’d like to come and brew a beer with them. The resulting beer was Citrus Got Real - a unicorn for us in that it found its way into casks(!), and we were so impressed that we brought the team back up from Porthmadog to put a Polly’s spin on their phenomenally popular Ysgawen Pale Ale. The result is Elderflower - a beefed up pale ale that burst with such bright elderflower notes that we decided to pull the dry-hop charge on it. With just a whisper of hot side Simcoe to balance things with a sliver of bitterness, this is a welcome departure from our usual heavily-hopped well trodden path.

(Contains Barley, Oats & Wheat)

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