Penmon - Golden Pale (440ml cans)

Penmon - Golden Pale (440ml cans)


440ml cans of Penmon

Introducing Penmon, a golden pale ale with an aromatic and flavourful symphony of hops. Marynka, Junga, and Waimea hops unite to deliver you with waves of sensory experiences. Marynka's spicy liquorice and aniseed, Junga's blackcurrant and grapefruit, and Waimea's tangerine and pomelo aromas tantalize your senses.

With each sip, Waimea's fresh-cut citrus and pine notes harmonize with Fuggle’s earthy complexity. The result? An extraordinary beer experience that's crisp, zesty, and perfectly balanced. Iechyd Da! Cheers!

4.3% ABV.

(Contains Barley & Wheat)

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